Organization Profile - Specific Claims Tribunal

Specific Claims Tribunal

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Minister Responsible

Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations

Appointment Provisions

Specific Claims Tribunal Act

The Governor in Council shall establish a roster of 6 to 18 superior court judges to act as members of the Tribunal.

The Chairperson and other members shall be appointed from the roster by the Governor in Council.

The Tribunal shall consist of:

  • no more than six full-time members; or
  • any number of part-time members, or combination of full-time and part-time members, so long as the combined time devoted to their functions and duties does not exceed the combined time that would be devoted by six full-time members.

Each member shall be appointed for a term not exceeding five years and holds office so long as he or she remains a superior court judge.

Each member, on the expiry of the first term of office, is eligible to be reappointed for one further term.

If the office of Chairperson is vacant, or the Chairperson is absent or is for any reason unable to act, the powers of the Chairperson shall be exercised and the duties performed by the member who is the senior judge and is able and willing to act.

A judge who has ceased to be a member, for any reason other than removal, may, with the authorization of the Chairperson, perform and complete any functions or duties that they would otherwise have had if they had not ceased to be a member and that are in connection with any matter in which that judge became engaged while holding office as a member, and a judge so authorized is, for that purpose, deemed to be a member of the Tribunal.

No judge who has ceased to be a member may, after the expiry of 120 days after ceasing to be a member, take part in the disposition of any matter under the authority granted by the Chairperson.


Candidate - Roster of Candidates

  • No Statutory Provision


  • Paid under the Judges Act


Chairperson (JUD-0)
Chiappetta, Victoria Rose
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Full-Time Appointment
During Pleasure
Ducharme, Todd
Toronto, Ontario
Full-Time Appointment
During Pleasure
MacDonald, Diane
Vancouver, British Columbia
Part-Time Appointment
During Pleasure
Roy, J. Danie
Moncton, New Brunswick
Part-Time Appointment
During Pleasure
1 Vacant Position
Total vacancies:1