Organization Profile - Roosevelt Campobello International Park Commission

Roosevelt Campobello International Park Commission

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Minister Responsible

Minister of Foreign Affairs


Under the international treaty, the Commission was charged to take the necessary measures to restore the Roosevelt home as closely as possible to its condition when it was occupied by President Roosevelt, and to administer, as a memorial, the Roosevelt Campobello International Park. The treaty specifies that the two countries share equally in the costs of development, operation, and maintenance of the Park. Canadian budget approval lies with Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canada. In the United States, budget approval lies with the Office of Management and Budget and the U.S. Congress.

Head Office

Welshpool, New Brunswick

Appointment Provisions

Roosevelt Campobello International Park Commission Act

The Commission consists of six members, three appointed by the Canadian Government by GiC and three appointed by the United States. One of the Canadian members is nominated by the New Brunswick Provincial Government, and one of the U.S. members by the Maine State Government.

The Governor in Council shall appoint no more than two of the alternate members to the Commission.

The Commission elects a Chairman and Vice-Chairman from among its members, each of whom shall hold office for a term of two years, alternating between a Canadian and an American. Members of the same nationality cannot simultaneously serve as Chairman and Vice-Chairman.


Consists of four members of the Commission or their alternates, including always two from Canada and two from the United States. The affirmative vote of at least two Canadian and two United States members or their respective alternates shall be required for any decision to be taken by the Commission.



  • Remuneration Nil - Statutory Prohibition
  • However, members may be paid reasonable per diem and travel expenses by the Commission.

Alternate Members

  • Remuneration Nil - Statutory Prohibition


Doiron, Michel
Shediac Bridge, New Brunswick
During Pleasure (Interpretation Act)
McLean, Edward Laughlin D.
Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick
During Pleasure (Interpretation Act)
1 Vacant Position
Alternate Members 
Ludwig, Karen
St. Andrews, New Brunswick
During Pleasure (Interpretation Act)
Total vacancies:1