The information presented on the following pages is for reference purposes only and should not be considered or relied on as an authoritative or exhaustive source of all Governor in Council appointments or positions.


Appointment Provisions

Financial Administration Act

The Chairman and the President and Chief Executive Officer shall be appointed by the GiC to hold office during pleasure for such term as the GiC may determine.

Each director shall be appointed by the Minister with the approval of the GIC to hold office during pleasure for such term not exceeding four years as will ensure, as far as possible, the expiration of not more than one half of the directors' terms of office in any one year. A director is eligible for reappointment.

The majority of the directors are not to be officers or employees of the Corporation or any of its affiliates.

If a director is not appointed to take office on the expiration of term of an incumbent director, other than an officer-director, the incumbent director continues in office until a successor is appointed.


The Financial Administration Act requires that before an officer-director of a parent Crown corporation is appointed, the Minister shall consult the Board of Directors of the Corporation with respect to the appointment.


There are no current appointments to this organization.