Organization Profile - Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages for Canada

Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages for Canada

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Appointment Provisions

Official Languages Act

The Governor in Council shall, by commission under the Great Seal, appoint a Commissioner of Official Languages for Canada after consultation with the leader of every recognized party in the Senate and House of Commons and approval of the appointment by resolution of the Senate and House of Commons. The Commissioner holds office during good behavior for a term of seven years, but may be removed for cause by the Governor in Council at any time on address of the Senate and House of Commons. The Commissioner is eligible to be reappointed for terms not exceeding seven years. The Commissioner shall rank as and have all the powers of a deputy head of a department, shall engage exclusively in the duties of the office of the Commissioner and shall not hold any other office under her Majesty or engage in any other employment.

In the event of the absence or incapacity of the Commissioner, or if that office is vacant, the GIC may appoint any qualified person to hold that office in the interim for a term not exceeding six months, and that person shall, while holding office, be paid the salary or other remuneration and expenses that may be fixed by the Governor in Council.

The Commissioner of Official Languages is an Agent of Parliament. The President of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada has been designated as the appropriate minister for the purposes of the Financial Administration Act.


Must be able to speak and understand clearly both official languages at the time of his or her appointment.

(Language Skills Act -


Official Languages Act

50 (2) The Commissioner shall be paid a salary equal to the salary of a judge of the Federal Court, other than the Chief Justice of that Court, and is entitled to be paid reasonable travel and living expenses while absent from his or her ordinary place of residence in the course of his or her duties.


Commissioner of Official Languages 
Théberge, Raymond
Dieppe, New Brunswick
Full-Time Appointment
During Good Behaviour