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Northern Pipeline Agency

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Minister Responsible

Minister of Energy and Natural Resources


The Agency's mandate is twofold. It is required to carry out federal responsibilities in relation to the pipeline and facilitate the efficient and expeditious planning and construction of the pipeline taking into account local and regional interests, in particular those of native people. It is also responsible for maximizing the social and economic benefits from the construction and operation of the pipeline while at the same time minimizing any adverse effect on the social and environmental conditions of the areas most directly affected by the pipeline.

Appointment Provisions

Northern Pipeline Act

The Governor in Council may appoint an officer to be called the Commissioner of the Agency to be the deputy of the Minister and the Commissioner shall rank as and have all the powers of a deputy head of a department.

The Deputy Minister of Natural Resources is, ex officio, the Commissioner of the agency.

The Governor in Council may, by order,

  1. appoint an officer to be called the Administrator of the Agency; or
  2. designate one of the commissioners of the Regulator to be the Administrator of the Agency.

Where the Governor in Council does not designate a commissioner of the Regulator to be the Administrator, the GG may, by order, designate one of the commissioners of the Regulator to be a deputy to the Administrator.

Provision exists for appointment of an acting Commissioner or Administrator in the event of their absence or incapacity or if their office is vacant.


Ex-offio Commissioner (Deputy Minister of Natural Resources)

  • Not Paid (public servant)


There are no current appointments to this organization.