Organization Profile - Lake of the Woods Control Board

Lake of the Woods Control Board

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Minister Responsible

Minister of Environment and Climate Change

Appointment Provisions

The Lake of the Woods Control Board Act, 1921

The Board is comprised of:
  • one member representing Canada, appointed by the Governor in Council during pleasure;
  • two members representing Ontario, appointed by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario in Council during pleasure; and
  • one member representing Manitoba, appointed by the Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba in Council during pleasure.
Each member is required to be a duly qualified professional engineer.

Each appointing authority may appoint (and traditionally has appointed) an alternate member for each member appointed. The alternate member acts in the place of the member in his/her absence or if the post is vacant.

The 1925 Convention and Protocol requires that the Government of Canada appoint one member of the Canadian Lake of the Woods Control Board as its representative on the International Lake of the Woods Control Board.

Board members fulfill their duties on a part-time basis. Consequently the Board maintains a full-time Secretariat, an autonomous unit which reports to the Board but is based in Ottawa in the offices of the Inland Waters Directorate, Environment Canada.


Member For Canada

  • May be Fixed by GiC: Incumbent;
    not specified ($0 - $0)
  • The 1958 Act provides for the appropriation of funds by the legislature to pay Board expenses, including remuneration, incurred for the purposes of the Act. In practice, federal appointees have always been employees of the Crown and no additional remuneration has been paid with respect to the appointment. Travel expenses have traditionally been provided for in the allotment made available to the appointee by the Department as part of the regular program.

Alternate Member

  • May be Fixed by GiC: Incumbent;
    not specified ($0 - $0)


Garner, Megan
Regina, Saskatchewan
During Pleasure
Alternate Member 
Rodrigues, Sandrina Nicole
Winnipeg, Manitoba
During Pleasure