Organization Profile - Internal Trade Agreement: Dispute Resolution Roster of Panellists

Internal Trade Agreement: Dispute Resolution Roster of Panellists

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Minister Responsible

Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry

Appointment Provisions

Agreement on Internal Trade Implementation Act

The roster shall be composed of not more than 65 members. Each Party shall appoint up to five members to the roster. Federal members are appointed to the roster by the GIC for a term of five years, with the possibility of reappointment.

Roster members shall:
  • have expertise or experience in matters covered by the Agreement; and
  • be independent of and not take instructions from any Party.
Within 30 days after the date of delivery of the request for establishment of a panel, each disputing Party shall appoint two panellists from the roster who were not nominated to the roster by that Party. The appointed panellists shall, within 10 days after their appointment to the panel, select the chairperson of the panel from the roster. If they are unable to agree within that period, the Secretariat shall select the chairperson by lot from that roster.

Where a roster member becomes unable to sit on the roster or a roster member's term expires, a replacement member shall be nominated to the roster.

Each Party shall appoint an individual (the "Screener") to review requests made under Article 1712(1) or (2). The federal government screener is appointed by the GIC and holds office during pleasure.

The Screener shall be independent of government and capable of making an independent decision on the merits of the request. Notice of the appointment shall be delivered to the other Parties and the Secretariat.



  • Fixed by the Minister


2 Vacant Positions
Total vacancies:2