Organization Profile - National Farm Products Council

National Farm Products Council

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Minister Responsible

Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food


The Farm Products Council of Canada (FPCC), formerly known as National Farm Products Council, was established in 1972 under the Farm Products Agencies Act (the Act) as a public interest oversight body which reports to Parliament through the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (The Minister).

The FPCC; headed by a Chairperson (Deputy Head) appointed by the Governor-in Council, is composed of up to seven Members of which at least half must be primary producers at the time of their appointment.

This Act provides for the creation of National Marketing Agencies and Promotion Research Agencies. They are currently four Marketing Agencies: Canadian Hatching Egg Producers, Chicken Farmers of Canada, Egg Farmers of Canada and Turkey Farmers of Canada. There is also one Promotion Research Agency, the Canadian Beef Cattle Research, Market Development and Promotion Agency. The FPCC supervises these agencies to ensure that the Supply Management System for Poultry and Eggs as well as the check-off system for Beef Cattle work in the balanced interest of all Stakeholders, from producers to consumers.

The FPCC also provides advice to the Minister, maintains relationships with provincial governments and is an active proponent of portfolio management.

Appointment Provisions

Farm Products Agencies Act

The Council consists of not less than three and not more than seven members to be appointed by the Governor in Council, to hold office during pleasure. The Governor in Council shall designate one member of the Council to be the Chairman thereof and another member to be the Vice-Chairman thereof, one of whom shall be a primary producer. At least fifty per cent of the members of the Council, not taking into account the Chairman thereof, shall be primary producers at the time of appointment. Maximum age is 70 years.

In making appointments, the Governor in Council shall try to ensure equal representation from the four Western provinces, the two Central provinces and the four Atlantic provinces.

If a member of the Council, other than the Chairman, is absent or unable to act, the GIC may appoint a temporary substitute member on such terms and conditions as the GIC prescribes.


Member (Part-time)

  • Fixed by GiC: Position;
    per diem ($350 - $400)
  • Plus travel and living expenses, fixed by by-law (subject to Treasury Board directives).


Chairman & Member (GCQ-6)
Douglas, Brian
Gatineau, Quebec
Full-Time Appointment
During Pleasure
Vice-Chairman & Member (GCQ-4)
den Haan, Bonnie
Loretto, Ontario
Part-Time Appointment
During Pleasure
Dubé, Maryse
Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec
Part-Time Appointment
During Pleasure
Haverkamp, Samantha
Woodstock, Ontario
Part-Time Appointment
During Pleasure
Moore, Morgan
Brandon, Manitoba
Part-Time Appointment
During Pleasure