Organization Profile - Energy Supplies Allocation Board

Energy Supplies Allocation Board

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Minister Responsible

Minister of Energy and Natural Resources


Subject to this Act and any directions to the Board issued by the Governor in Council under the authority of this Act, the Board may exercise such powers and shall perform such duties as may be conferred or imposed on it under this Act; and during any period in which the Board is not required to administer any mandatory allocation program or rationing program under this Act, it shall prepare, review and maintain contingency plans in readiness to exercise such powers and perform such duties as may be conferred or imposed on it pursuant to this Act.

Appointment Provisions

Energy Supplies Emergency Act

The Board consists of a chairperson and not more six other members. The Deputy Minister of Natural Resources is the Chairperson of the Board. The other members of the Board are appointed by the GIC to hold office during pleasure.

One of the members of the Board may be designated by the Governor in Council to be Vice-Chairperson in the event of the absence or incapacity of the Chairperson or if the office of Chairperson is vacant, the Vice-Chairperson may exercise all the powers and perform all the functions of the Chairperson.

Of the six Board members, one is selected, by tradition, from each of the five petroleum supply regions in Canada.


Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

  • Plus reasonable travel and living expenses incurred in the course of their duties while absent from their ordinary places of residence.


There are no current appointments to this organization.