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Canadian Transportation Agency

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Minister Responsible

Minister of Transport

Appointment Provisions

Canada Transportation Act

The Agency shall consist of not more than five members appointed by the GiC, and such temporary members as are appointed by the Minister from the roster of individuals established by the Governor in Council, each of whom must, on appointment or reappointment and while serving as a member, be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident within the meaning of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

The GiC shall designate one of the members appointed by the GiC to be the Chairperson of the Agency and one of the other members appointed to be the Vice-Chairperson of the Agency. Each member appointed by the GiC shall hold office during good behaviour for a term of not more than five years and may be removed for cause by the GiC. Such member is eligible for reappointment on the expiration of a first or subsequent term of office.

Where a member ceases to hold office, the Chairperson may authorize the member to continue to hear any matter that was before the member on the expiration of the member’s term of office and that member is deemed to be a member of the Agency, but that person’s status as a member does not preclude the appointment of up to five members or up to three temporary members.

The GiC may appoint any individual to a roster of candidates from which the Minister may appoint temporary members of the Agency. Not more than three temporary members shall hold office at any one time.

A temporary member shall hold office during good behaviour for a term of not more than one year and may be removed for cause by the Governor in Council.

A person who has served two consecutive terms as a temporary member is not, during the twelve months following the completion of the person’s second term, eligible to be reappointed to the Agency as a temporary member.

A member appointed shall not, directly or indirectly, as owner, shareholder, director, officer, partner or otherwise, be engaged in a transportation undertaking or business; or have an interest in a transportation undertaking or business or an interest in the manufacture or distribution of transportation plant or equipment, unless the distribution is merely incidental to the general merchandising of goods.


If an interest vests in a member appointed for the benefit of the member by will or succession, the member shall, within three months after the vesting, absolutely dispose of the interest.

The Chairperson is the chief executive officer of the Agency and has the supervision over and direction of the work of the members and its staff, including the apportionment of work among the members and the assignment of members to deal with any matter before the Agency.

In the event of the absence or incapacity of the Chairperson or if the office of Chairperson is vacant, the Vice-Chairperson has all the powers and shall perform all the duties and functions of the Chairperson.

The Chairperson may authorize one or more of the members to act as Chairperson for the time being if both the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson are absent or unable to act.

During the term of office of a temporary member, the member shall not accept or hold an office or employment that is inconsistent with the member’s duties under this Act.


Subject to the Agency’s rules, two members constitute a quorum.


Chairperson and Member (GCQ-9)
Pégeot, France
Ottawa, Ontario
Full-Time Appointment
During Good Behaviour
Vice-Chairperson and Member (GCQ-7)
Barker, Elizabeth Catherine
Ottawa, Ontario
Full-Time Appointment
During Good Behaviour
Members (GCQ-6)
MacKeigan, J. Mark
Ottawa, Ontario
Full-Time Appointment
During Good Behaviour
Victor, Marisa Eva
Ottawa, Ontario
Full-Time Appointment
During Good Behaviour
1 Vacant Position
Total vacancies:1