Organization Profile - Permanent Engineering Board

Permanent Engineering Board

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Minister Responsible

Minister of Energy and Natural Resources


The Board was established by paragraph (1) of Article XV of the Treaty between Canada and the United States of America relating to the co-operative development of the water resources of the Columbia River basin, signed in Washington on the 17th day of January 1961.

The Permanent Engineering Board was established to handle tasks such as assembling flow records, assisting in settling differences that may arise between the Entities, and creating annual reports of the results being achieved.

Appointment Provisions

The Board consists of four members, two to be appointed by Canada and two to be appointed by the United States of America. The two Canadian members are appointed by the GiC.



  • May be Fixed by GiC: Incumbent;
    not specified ($0 - $0)


Bernier, André
Ottawa, Ontario
During Pleasure (Interpretation Act)
Kurschner, Renata
Delta, British Columbia
During Pleasure (Interpretation Act)