Organization Profile - Canadian Grain Commission

Canadian Grain Commission

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Minister Responsible

Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food

Head Office

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Appointment Provisions

Canada Grain Act

There is hereby established a Commission to be known as the Canadian Grain Commission consisting of three commissioners to be appointed by the Governor in Council to hold office, during good behaviour, for a renewable term of up to seven years.

The Governor in Council shall designate one of the commissioners to be chief commissioner and another commissioner to be assistant chief commissioner.

The chief commissioner is the chief executive officer of the Commission and, subject to section 12, has supervision over and direction of the work and staff of the Commission.

The assistant chief commissioner may exercise all the powers and perform all the functions of the chief commissioner in the event of the absence or incapacity of the chief commissioner or if the office of the chief commissioner is vacant.

A commissioner shall devote the whole of his time to the performance of his duties under this Act.


A person is not eligible to be appointed or, subject to section 8, to continue as a commissioner if, directly or indirectly, as owner, shareholder, director, officer, partner or otherwise, that person is engaged in commercial dealings in grain or the carriage of grain or has any pecuniary or other interest in grain or the carriage of grain, other than as a producer of grain.

Any commissioner in whom any property giving rise to an interest prohibited under section 7 vests by will or succession for the commissioner’s own benefit shall, within six months after the vesting, dispose of that property.


Each commissioner shall be paid a salary to be fixed by the Governor in Council and is entitled to be paid reasonable travel and other expenses incurred by him while absent from his ordinary place of residence in the course of his duties under this Act.


Chief Commissioner (GCQ-8)
Hunt, J. David
Selkirk, Manitoba
Full-Time Appointment
During Good Behaviour
Assistant Chief Commissioner (GCQ-5)
Rosher, Patricia
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Full-Time Appointment
During Good Behaviour
Commissioner (GCQ-5)
McKague, Lonny
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Full-Time Appointment
During Good Behaviour