Organization Profile - Arbitration Board (Inuvialuit)

Arbitration Board (Inuvialuit)

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Minister Responsible

Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations


The Arbitration Board was established under section 18 of the Inuvialuit Final Agreement to provide a mechanism to arbitrate disputes between the Inuvialuit and the governments of Canada, the Northwest Territories or Yukon, as well as between the Inuvialuit and industry.

Appointment Provisions

The Arbitration Board shall have eleven members, including a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman. The GiC shall appoint five members of the Board, among whom shall be the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman. Of the three members appointed by the GiC, each of the Government of the Northwest Territories and the Government of the Yukon Territory shall designate one. Where the parties cannot agree on a Chairman or Vice-Chairman or both, the Chief Justice of either of the Territories may appoint a Chairman or a Vice-Chairman or both at the request of one of the parties.

Each of the Inuvialuit and Industry(*) shall appoint three members of the Arbitration Board. Each member shall be remunerated and replaced by the party that appointed him. The term of office of all members, including the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman shall be three years and they are eligible to be re-appointed on the expiration of the term.


The appointment of the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman by the GiC must be acceptable to the Inuvialuit and Industry(*).

means the five largest commercial and industrial entities in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region with regard to assets, but not more than two of such entities shall be controlled by Inuvialuit.



  • Fixed by GiC: Position;
    per diem ($400 - $550)


  • Fixed by GiC: Position;
    per diem ($400 - $550)


  • Fixed by GiC: Position;
    per diem ($335 - $400)


1 Vacant Position
Conkin, Carla
Fort Steele, British Columbia
During Pleasure (Interpretation Act)
Merrigan, David
Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia
During Pleasure (Interpretation Act)
Member (Yukon) 
Jai, Julie
Toronto, Ontario
During Pleasure (Interpretation Act)
Member (Northwest Territories) 
1 Vacant Position
Total vacancies:2